Alternative from La Paz, Departamento Autónomo de La Paz, Bolivia

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A producer musician who likes to experiment with sounds and style trying to have fun, and learn english while doing music.




The proyect started at 2012 with a first song release on september of this year "I wanna go out" with the collaboration and help with the proffessional sound engineer from AudioPeak and producer/Guitar player from TakeTonight band Scott Ramsay, I Wanna go out will have a change of name on the album release, from this point, there was like a release of new songs every month, in December 2013 there was a first album release called "Premofu Aunin Hafaet" that happened to be more like a compilation of all the songs made so far, in early 2014 el lado cansado kept releasing a track each month.

El Lado Cansado started as an experimental band, before the first track release in september of the 2012 Munca asked Andres and Camilo to help him with El Lado Cansado they agreed and started composing songs, but after a slow progress as band he decided to just produce the songs on his own and share them on the internet.
After a considered small and short success there was a chance to bring back the band so they did, during the 2013 resulting to play two small gigs in 2 events in agoust of this year at La Paz, Bolivia.

After that, the band was getting ready to play a few gigs in the earlier 2014, but then Munca decided to just leave the band members and continue the proyect alone
So in fact the this turned to be just a virtual band, where Munca plays all the instruments record them in tracks, Mix/Master himself, with just a few collaborations of some musicians in the past.

Past Members
Chelo salomon
Dego Sanjines
Stephanie Medina

Actual members:

The musical proyection of the band consider it self as a product of experiences, a focus on life changes being critic and analyzing what is bad or good and look forwad to change.


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