Premofu Aunin Hafaet

munca  el lado cansado  serg  noise  indie 

Premofu Aunin Hafaet
"El presente es un momento fugaz, aunque su intensidad lo haga parecer eterno" Marguerite Yourcenar

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Liner Notes

Initially this project was called "El Lado Cansado" but in August 2014 he changed the name to "Munca" as result several songs which were recorded from December 2013 to August 2014 were put together on a compilation album, available for free download.

About the music, originally Munca speaks Spanish, but started making songs in English to learn the language, songs whose content can be quite primitive, nonsense and meaningless, until a deep message can be noticed in some others. Basing his musical style from the dadaist art to contemporary music, this musical project appropriates elements it finds pleasant to use and also to generate sounds, all this learning is exploited somehow, and maybe pretend to represent a musical evolution from it own perspective.


Specioal thanks to:

Audiopeak and scott ramsay for the amazing tips

Jessica Quinto


Shiv (Ferraldo)

Ben (H!pp0)



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